Friday, February 12, 2010

A mini-breakthrough

Sunday I got to the barn in the afternoon, and it was pretty cold here in snowy Colorado. Took Xena's blanket off, and took her to the indoor arena. Mirrored her to show her I wasn't gonna drag her in there and "start training" her, and it took significantly less time for her to get left brain. We played put your nose on something for a while. Our counter turns seemed to be improving. One thing I noticed though, was if I put too puch pressure on zone one with the carrot stick, she would put her head up in the air, and turn her nose the complete opposite direction. How's THAT for opposition reflex. Once she realized there was a target though, it seemed to get a bit better.

She is very ...reserved... on line. She always acts different when she knows she's being controlled by people. The halter goes on, and its like an actor walking on stage, she knows the lines she's supposed to say to make eveybody happy, but she isn't herself.

But after this little play session, she did something she's never ever done, even when I played with her in CA - she rolled!!!!!!! She's rolled while in the arena with people before, but never while still on the rope.

Not the biggest breakthrough in the world, but for an introvert like her, I think's its huge. I'm so proud. Maybe, just maybe, she's possibly sorta, kinda trusting me, just a little bit? :)

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