Monday, March 8, 2010

Language: check

We're finally starting to get it!!!!

I got Xena out of her pen, she backed out of her gate with me just thinking about it. What an amazing horse. We went over to the round corral again, since we've been having so much fun in there. She practically dragged me over, and squeezed right through the gate, turned and faced. Now that IS a positive reflex!!!

So I let her roll and buck and jump, and when I haltered her, she felt really connected to me. It's hard to describe... but it was like I have created enough rapport with her that as soon as she knew it was play time, she was asking what I wanted to do first... she was game for anything.

I quickly check how our driving game is going - forwards, backwards, front end, back end. Well... the one last game we haven't attempted yet that our language is missing is sideways. So I send her to the fence, she puts her nose on it, and looks at me. I send the front end, then the back end, then the front end, and she goes SIDEWAYS!!! Perfectly. Try it the other direction, we get 2 steps sideways! It's absolutely wonderful. She is even paying complete attention to me while there are other people, the tractor, and distractions going. We play a bit more with a few other games, and just hang out with each other. She constantly amazes me with the way she learns things, and she's making me a better person for my other horses. Heck, she's making me a better person period!

Behold, we've got all 7 games now! Awesome! Love, language, leadership.... gang's all here!

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