Saturday, March 6, 2010

Watching the sunset

Friday was yet another terrific, AMAZING day.

So there are these trainers at the barn, trying to work with a young horse that's there. They were in the barn where Mesa is, trimming his feet. He was really scared, flipping out, had 3 people holding him, and the trainers were just yelling and cursing at both him, each other, and the kids that were there. Meanwhile I'm in Mesa's stall, sitting underneath her, leaning up against her front legs, scratching her belly and humming some country song. It was one of those moments that you can't help but think how much you love the relationship Parelli has allowed you to have.

Anyway... after they all left, I brought Xena out in to the round corral. I didn't have much of an agenda other than do something with her to keep our friendship going. I let her roll, then played a bit of stick to me at liberty, and circling. I thought this might just be some time to get her itchy spots, whatever she wanted. I pretty much took her suggestions and went with her. She lead me over to the edge overlooking the mountains and was staring off into the distance. I look to see if the horses in the far pasture are running or something..... nope, only the sunset. So I watch with her, as that seems to be her idea. I sat on the bottom rail of the fence and just enjoyed her presence. We stayed there together, as time seems to stand still, like two old pals, watching the sun as it set over the mountains.

So I'm sitting there looking up at her eyes, fixed on the mountains, after the sun went down... thinking... this doesn't even look like the same horse that got off the trailer a month ago. This isn't a frightened little deer. This isn't a bronco. This is a partner. If the professional predators could see us now. Awww, sunsets. How romantic.

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