Monday, April 12, 2010

Chalk up another roadblock

So Mesa has been absolutely wonderful with her new glucose meds. Three days ago I was playing with her on the 45' line, doing some really awesome level 3 stuff. Finally! Ground skills!! Two days ago I got one really great, awesome ride on her, playing with bridless stuff, bending with just my legs, some patterns. Boy was it good to be back. Then the next day I get my stuff out, plan to go play with her and........... she has a huge gash on her leg and it's bled all the way down to her hoof, streaming blood all over her lower leg. Wonderful! Eeeesh. So I get that cleaned up (which she didn't particularly enjoy) and spray some silver stuff on it, and tell the barn people to leave her in for a few days and not turn her out with the other horses.

The next morning what do ya know she's outside in her pen. Great. No, people, she probably hurt herself on the broken pipe out there, and I don't want her rolling in dirt - leave her in!!! Sheesh. Can't wait till we move into our own place!

So that makes Xena who got 1 ride and then broke out in hives and has been sitting since, and Mesa who got 1 good ride and hurt her leg and has been sitting since... my luck sucks right now! Oh well, it means I can focus on playing with Ghost and not feel like I should be doing anything else with the big ones. Been focusing on getting the minis back driving. Ghost has been doing wonderful. Boy I love her. And I get to spend some undemanding time with Xena. Yesterday I went in with her and sat on a bucket. She came over, and pressed her forhead against mine and just stood there the whole time I was in there. I miss playing with her! I love this girl so much. At least I have a chance to keep the realtionship up, even if she may not be learning anything new.

Another huge break-through: Sugar chose me over the herd last night!!! In her stall, she left her stall mate to come get haltered. Then when she was out with Princess - her own daughter - she let Princess run circles around her while she followed me at liberty. What a wonderful feeling!!!!

Things aren't moving fast, but they're moving. :)

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