Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few more hills to climb

As if my being one-and-a-half-handed right now wasn't enough, Xena has hives! She had them for a few days a week ago, but they left by the time I rode her. They are back now, worse than before. *sigh* if only I knew what she was allergic too. I haven't been able to get on her, or do much with her at all. She isn't feeling up to much, just kind of itching and feeling sorry for herself. If I touch the ones on her belly she gets very mad, and she threatens to bite if I'm standing by her back touching them.... like she's warning me if I sit on her or put a saddle up there it'll be the last thing I do lol!

Well it throws a wrench into a few things, to say the least. I hope they go away soon so I can start her riding developement. Hope it doesn't mess up our time line too much. But it has given me plenty of time to play with the others and not feel like she's missing out. On that note, Ghost finally layed down next to me and let me pet her while she was down last night! Ahhh I love that girl. Got her a new mini-size RBI myler bit so we can try some driven/long line finesse. This'll be fun!!!

My friend got the new levels pack, and she's out of town right now so I get to DVD-nap them. I have finished the Level 3, and it cleared a lot of things up!! Checked some stuff with Ghost, and tried the Liberty things, MAN was that fun! I think we found a new favorite savvy. Can't wait till Xena reaches that point. Yes, go ahead and laugh that my farthest developed horse is 35" tall. The Level 4 Liberty bit was.... inspiring x 1000! So many wonderful things. It also gave me the reassurance that yes, it's okay to look messy when teaching something. In online, Vanna gets all tangled in the ropes, hits the end of the lines, gets confused, but he just kept going until she walked along calmly. It was one of those "shoulda seen that coming" things... of course the first time you try zone 5 driving, you aren't going to gallop between barrels with flying lead changes, when you learn... it's okay to look like you're learning. Duh!

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