Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer fun :)

Xena has a bunch of really large spider bites right now, so I've just been hosing those off a few times a day and taking her grazing. The hose is under a shade tree with a bunch of grass - she doesn't object at all!!

I think there is tremendous hope for Mesa and I.... SHE GALLOPED to me in the pasture the past 2 days!!!!!! She eagerly leaves her gelding buddy to come play with me now, and... well... she's galloping! She is still underweight and a bit stiff, but she is improving tons with being able to be on pasture for about 3 hours a day (working up to all day), and my new super old horse feeding program. Mom says I've turned the feed room into a hippie pharmacy with all the stuff I'm feeding her, but OMG it's working! She isn't stocking up as much when I take her out in the mornings, she's gaining some weight, her coat looks better, and best of all she's actually digesting her food!

Sugar finally let me touch her back right leg. That one's been a long time coming. I am SO excited.

Everything's going quite well! Gotta go finish hosing off horses in this crazy heat!

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  1. It sounds as if you've got some great things going on with your horses, especially your catching game!

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central